Tips For Preventing Identity Theft

Cyber-crimes have become quite common and most people have become victims of identity theft. Well, before you’re the next person on the chopping block, here are some useful tips to help you prevent identity theft. Tips to Help to Prevent Identity Theft: • Beware Of...
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What Should You Do If Your Social Security Card Is Stolen?

Although the Social Security Administration does not directly handle stolen or lost cards, the agency does offer individuals advice on the different ways they can protect themselves from identity theft. The agency also offers advice on how an individual can manually...
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How To Get A New Social Security Card

Being without a social security card can make a number of things difficult. For example you have to provide a new employer with your social security card so that they can verify your ability to legally work in the country. There are a number of other situations in...
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Social Security Phone Number And Other Important Tips About The Administration

In the United States of America one the most important piece of information every citizen must have is a social security number. However, not everyone remembers their number or lost their card and need a replacement. If you have lost your social security or just need...
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lost social security benefits card

US citizens and individuals who can legally work in the US can have a social security number. It is found in their social security card. It serves a purpose for different things including your credit rating, tax, and even your retirement. However, lost social security...
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Lost Social Security Card Baltimore

gNot everyone in the US can have a social security number. The only ones that are qualified to have their own social security number are those who are US citizens and those individuals who are allowed to work in the US temporarily. What the SSN does is to record all...
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How To Properly Fill Out The IRS Forms

Anytime you have to deal with the IRS it can be a nerve-racking experience. Since the IRS is the nations biggest collection agency, you want to make sure that all forms are filled out correctly. In order to properly fill out the forms, you can either hire an...
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lost social security card bronx ny

A lot of people today are experiencing identity theft. What most people don’t know is that it is quite common than what you think. There are millions of individuals affected by this problem and this isn’t going away anytime soon. You can expect more people to become...
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Lost Social Security Card Bronx

There are a lot of reasons why you should be careful whenever you are carrying your social security card with you. Lost social security card can lead you to trouble. For starters, your social security number contains a good amount of information about you. Next, the...
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lost social security card buffalo ny

Lost social security card can be a big problem. If you are thinking of the replacement process whenever you have lost social security card Buffalo NY, this isn’t the biggest problem that you will have to be dealing with. In fact, getting a replacement for the social...
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Do you have a social security card? If not, get one! Social security cards serve as an identifier for individuals. A social security card comprises a distinctive nine-digit number assigned to every citizen of the United States of America, may they be a permanent resident or temporary working student. Lost it? Social Security cards can be replaced! Read more through our article.

Hello there! Do you have a problem with your social security card? With the help of our professional team, they have prepared informative articles for you. Lost SS cards have established, managed and developed this educational website for you. We have covered facts about the social security cards and their administration.

Where to Obtain a Social Security Card

The social security card is the primary means of identification for citizens to their States. A parent can obtain a social security card for their children at birth, along with their birth certificate.

The social security card is the means by which taxpayers can file for their dependents. Without one, the Citizens can’t claim retirement and health benefits, or even unemployment and disability benefits.

In short, the social security card is the cornerstone of just about any transaction.

When you lose your Social Security Card, you may think it’s the end of the world. In all truth, though, regaining a new SSN Card is as simple as these three steps:

  1. Fill out Form SS-5. Most often, it was your parent who applied your Form SS-5 at birth, so if you’ve never had to before, this is your chance to fill out your Form SS-5 yourself. You may grab a blank form at your local Social Security Administration office,
  2. Attach proof of identification documents. In order to verify your identity, you would be asked to attach documents to prove that.

Here is a list of acceptable primary proof of identification documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Consular Report of Birth
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Driver’s License issued in any of the 50 States
  • State-issued Identification Card

If you do not have any of the documents listed above, the following ID’s are also acceptable:

* School or Employee ID card

* A health insurance card other than Medicare

* Military ID

Guidelines for your proof of identity documents:

* Make sure that your ID’s are not expired.

* Your ID’s must include:

  • Your full name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Having your pictures on these documents is a must.

* These should be initial copies of the required documents.

* Only Certified copies are acceptable, but the SSA will not accept photocopied or notarized proof of identification.

3. Submit your documents and Form SS-5. After you’ve filled out your Form SS-5 and attached your documents, you could either mail these in or submit the application to your local Social Security Administration office.

however, mailing in your Social Security Card replacement is not acceptable. You would have to submit your documents in person.

When you apply to replace your lost social security card, you will be given a new card to replace the old, lost Social Security Card, but your Social Security Number will not change.

All the details that were originally on the social security card you’ve lost will also be the exact same details that will be on your social security card replacement.

Only when you file for a legal change of name (as in marriage) or when your citizenship status changes will there be changes on your Social Security Card.

Applying for a lost social security card replacement will take only 7 to 10 business days to process. After you’ve sent in your application, expect your new Social Security card to arrive in the mail within that time frame.

Take note that in the course of your life, you will only be able to apply for a maximum of 10 Social Security Card replacements, and only three times maximum within a year.

Losing your Social Security Card need not be a harrowing ordeal. Knowing how to replace it is the best way to minimize the potential damage that it can cost you if it falls into the wrong hands.

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Tips For Preventing Identity Theft

Cyber-crimes have become quite common and most people have become victims of identity theft. Well, before you’re the next person on the chopping block, here are some useful tips to help you prevent identity theft.

Tips to Help to Prevent Identity Theft:

• Beware Of Shoulder Surfers �” If you’re entering your pin number or credit card number in the ATM machine, in a computer or any other device, you should beware of people watching over your shoulder. Additionally, you should consider using a fingerprint scanner for your identification needs or facial recognition systems to avoid any identity theft.

• Photo ID Verification �” Rather than using your signature, you can always refer to photo ID verification. For instance, if you have lost card or any other credit card, make sure there’s an imposition for seeing photo IDs. That’s because most people don’t verify signatures rather photo IDs come in handy. Also read: Lost social security benefits card

• Shred Important Documents After Using Them �” Most people might acquire your information through dumpster-diving. Therefore, if you’re constantly throwing out credit card statements, old bills, ATM receipts or old credit cards, you’re likely going to be a victim of identity theft. Well, you can get rid of these documents properly through shredding. Make sure everything that you throw away doesn’t show your address or financial information

Learn More: How To Get A New Social Security Card

• Get Rid Of Digital Data �” Are you selling, disposing or trading a computer system such as a hard drive, DVD, CD or anything else digital? Well, you need to destroy your digital imprints. Of course, you can always reformat the hard drive or delete the data but that’s not enough. Keep in mind that anyone with some tech savvy skills can always recover the information from these digital devices.

Why You Should Check Bank Statements?

• Check Statements Properly �” Most people simply ignore their bank statements or avoid looking at them. Well, you need to start being diligent about checking your financial statements. That way, you can always check if there’s something wrong or fishy appearing on your financial statements. On the other hand, don’t leave your unpaid bills in the mailbox but you should pay them online or visit the post office personally to make sure they are completely paid. Otherwise someone can easily raid your mailbox and get all your information then steal your identity without any issues.

• Encrypt Your Messages �” Are you always sending financial or personal information online? Well, you need to consider end to end encryption for the best results. That way, no one can access the information without your passwords or authentication.

What Should You Do If Your Social Security Card Is Stolen?

Although the Social Security Administration does not directly handle stolen or lost cards, the agency does offer individuals advice on the different ways they can protect themselves from identity theft. The agency also offers advice on how an individual can manually apply and place an order for a replacement Social Security Card.

If Social Security fraud is suspected, the statements received from the agency should be carefully analyzed for anything suspicious. You should look for suspicious benefits, earnings and employment. These statements should be sent to you every year from the Social Security Administration. You can go online to request one of these statements for your account.

No Suspicious Activity

If fraud or suspicious activity has not been discovered, a fraud alert should be issued for 30 days. These fraud alerts should be placed on your credit files associated with the major credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, Experian).

Credit scores, Social Security Statements and financial statements should all be monitored very closely. Finally, individuals should immediately apply for a new SSN card.

Suspicious Activity

Unfortunately, if suspicious activity is connected to your Social Security number, you will need to file a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in addition to placing the fraud alerts of your credit reports.

ssa office

You should also file an online complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center, and all income should be correctly calculated and accurate with the Social Security Administration. Check the statement from the agency to ensure that the social security number and employer information is verified and accurate.

Your next step should include contacting federal and local authorities. Notify these authorities of the theft of your social security card, and let your lenders and financial institutions know that your SSN was stolen and a replacement card is on its way to you.

Go to the official website of the agency and print out the application for a replacement card.  On the website , you will defiantly think about how do i get a copy of my social security card fast but with the easy process of this application, you will get your card so fast. Keep in mind that you will need to gather the necessary documents to send with your application. These must be the original documents from the issuing agencies, not certified copies or other duplicates.

Once the application is completed, mail it to the nearest social security office. You should receive the replacement card in about a month. However, there are some states that require that individuals must apply for a replacement card in person.

It can be a lengthy process to replace a stolen social security card. You will need to carefully analyze statements and credit reports to determine if fraud has taken place.