How To Get A New Social Security Card

Being without a social security card can make a number of things difficult. For example you have to provide a new employer with your social security card so that they can verify your ability to legally work in the country. There are a number of other situations in...
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Social Security Phone Number And Other Important Tips About The Administration

In the United States of America one the most important piece of information every citizen must have is a social security number. However, not everyone remembers their number or lost their card and need a replacement. If you have lost your social security or just need...
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lost social security benefits card

US citizens and individuals who can legally work in the US can have a social security number. It is found in their social security card. It serves a purpose for different things including your credit rating, tax, and even your retirement. However, lost social security...
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Lost Social Security Card Baltimore

gNot everyone in the US can have a social security number. The only ones that are qualified to have their own social security number are those who are US citizens and those individuals who are allowed to work in the US temporarily. What the SSN does is to record all...
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How To Properly Fill Out The IRS Forms

Anytime you have to deal with the IRS it can be a nerve-racking experience. Since the IRS is the nations biggest collection agency, you want to make sure that all forms are filled out correctly. In order to properly fill out the forms, you can either hire an...
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lost social security card bronx ny

A lot of people today are experiencing identity theft. What most people don’t know is that it is quite common than what you think. There are millions of individuals affected by this problem and this isn’t going away anytime soon. You can expect more people to become...
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Lost Social Security Card Bronx

There are a lot of reasons why you should be careful whenever you are carrying your social security card with you. Lost social security card can lead you to trouble. For starters, your social security number contains a good amount of information about you. Next, the...
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lost social security card buffalo ny

Lost social security card can be a big problem. If you are thinking of the replacement process whenever you have lost social security card Buffalo NY, this isn’t the biggest problem that you will have to be dealing with. In fact, getting a replacement for the social...
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Lost Social Security Card Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn residents should understand what makes their social security cards so important. Not only are they crucial in terms of accessing vital financial information about the card holder, they also serve as a primary means of identification. That being said, you...
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Lost Social Security Card Birth Certificate

If you did not already know your social security card contains vital information that is key to accessing several sensitive data pertaining to your financial and personal life. On the other hand, your birth certificate is a major requirement for all government ID...
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Do you have a social security card? If not, get one! Social security cards serve as an identifier for individuals. A social security card comprises a distinctive nine-digit number assigned to every citizen of the United States of America, may they be a permanent resident or temporary working student. Lost it? Social Security cards can be replaced! Read more through our article.

Hello there! Do you have a problem with your social security card? With the help of our professional team, they have prepared informative articles for you. Lost SS cards have established, managed and developed this educational website for you. We have covered facts about the social security cards and their administration.

Where to Obtain a Social Security Card

The social security card is the primary means of identification for citizens to their States. A parent can obtain a social security card for their children at birth, along with their birth certificate.

The social security card is the means by which taxpayers can file for their dependents. Without one, the Citizens can’t claim retirement and health benefits, or even unemployment and disability benefits.

In short, the social security card is the cornerstone of just about any transaction.

When you lose your Social Security Card, you may think it’s the end of the world. In all truth, though, regaining a new SSN Card is as simple as these three steps:

  1. Fill out Form SS-5. Most often, it was your parent who applied your Form SS-5 at birth, so if you’ve never had to before, this is your chance to fill out your Form SS-5 yourself. You may grab a blank form at your local Social Security Administration office,
  2. Attach proof of identification documents. In order to verify your identity, you would be asked to attach documents to prove that.

Here is a list of acceptable primary proof of identification documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Consular Report of Birth
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Driver’s License issued in any of the 50 States
  • State-issued Identification Card

If you do not have any of the documents listed above, the following ID’s are also acceptable:

* School or Employee ID card

* A health insurance card other than Medicare

* Military ID

Guidelines for your proof of identity documents:

* Make sure that your ID’s are not expired.

* Your ID’s must include:

  • Your full name.
  • Your date of birth.
  • Having your pictures on these documents is a must.

* These should be initial copies of the required documents.

* Only Certified copies are acceptable, but the SSA will not accept photocopied or notarized proof of identification.

3. Submit your documents and Form SS-5. After you’ve filled out your Form SS-5 and attached your documents, you could either mail these in or submit the application to your local Social Security Administration office.

however, mailing in your Social Security Card replacement is not acceptable. You would have to submit your documents in person.

When you apply to replace your lost social security card, you will be given a new card to replace the old, lost Social Security Card, but your Social Security Number will not change.

All the details that were originally on the social security card you’ve lost will also be the exact same details that will be on your social security card replacement.

Only when you file for a legal change of name (as in marriage) or when your citizenship status changes will there be changes on your Social Security Card.

Applying for a lost social security card replacement will take only 7 to 10 business days to process. After you’ve sent in your application, expect your new Social Security card to arrive in the mail within that time frame.

Take note that in the course of your life, you will only be able to apply for a maximum of 10 Social Security Card replacements, and only three times maximum within a year.

Losing your Social Security Card need not be a harrowing ordeal. Knowing how to replace it is the best way to minimize the potential damage that it can cost you if it falls into the wrong hands.

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How To Get A New Social Security Card

Being without a social security card can make a number of things difficult. For example you have to provide a new employer with your social security card so that they can verify your ability to legally work in the country. There are a number of other situations in which you need one as well. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to get a replacement card.

Applying Online For Replacement Of Social Security Card

You can now apply online for your replacement social security card through the Social Security Administration website. There you will be asked to provide your personal information and will have checks that help to verify that you are who you say you are. You then can simply upload the documents that they request you supply them with to verify your identity.

You can also do this in person at your local Social Security Administration office. There you will sign in and be given a number to see the next person that is available to help you. You will want to have your birth certificate and passport with you so that you can get the fastest service possible. You will be asked identifying information as well as your social security number.

Need Of Social Security Card

In most cases you will have to have the actual social security card mailed to your home. This is yet another way that they are trying to prevent identity fraud that has become a huge problem. It may be inconvenient, but expect it to be how the request is handled.

Getting a replacement of lost social security card may take some time but it is best to always have yours for when you might need it. In some cases just providing your social security number is enough, but in others you have to provide the actual card. You certainly do not want to be without it for when it is needed. For further queries visit

Social Security Phone Number And Other Important Tips About The Administration

In the United States of America one the most important piece of information every citizen must have is a social security number. However, not everyone remembers their number or lost their card and need a replacement. If you have lost your social security or just need to speak to someone in the administration about another issue, then you’re going to have to give them a call.

Social Security Administration

Thankfully the internet provides many resources for those seeking to contact the Social Security Administration. If you need to contact the main office in Woodlawn, MD the phone number is 1 (800) 772-1213. There you can reach a representative who will be happy to assist you when anything related to social security services.

If you need to speak with someone in person regarding social security matters, there are local offices in just about every city throughout the country. A simple online search will help you locate an office that is most convenient to get to. Keep in mind that they do have certain business hours so be sure to make sure the office you’re going to is open during that time. You could always speak with them over the phone to find out additional information and what their office hours are.

Whenever speaking with the Social Security Administration it is important that you have proper documentation available so they know who you are. With so much fraud today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Department of Social Security to keep track of all the wrongdoings until it too late. Having a Social Security number entitles the recipient to receive benefits at a later date in life, however, there are many fraudsters out there who will try to steal your SS number and use it for nefarious purposes.

Social Security is an independent agency of the Federal government. It has an annual budget of close to 1 trillion dollars and tens of thousands of workers. The main function of the agency is to administer Social Security which is a social insurance program consisting of retirement benefits, along with disability and survivor payments. The agency is in charge of disbursing this money and also keeping track of how much money each individual contributes to the Social Security program.

Keep Track On Social Security Information

It is important to keep track of your social security information especially the card with your number on it since many businesses require it for employment. If you are paid on the books a social security number is required in order for the administration to properly credit you with paying into the fund. The more money you contribute through your earnings the more you are entitled to upon retirement.

Although many states have different laws concerning social security and employment, the Federal policy still reigns supreme. Your employer could be breaking the law if they pay you a salary without reporting it to the Social Security Administration. Be mindful of this because you don’t want to get into any trouble and have to end up paying a large fine.

Local Social Security Offices

Use the local Social Security offices to speak with someone if you are unsure about the benefits that you’re entitled to. Sometimes people have to file for disability where they can’t work and must speak with a local office in order to determine eligibility. Or maybe you just need to find someone to talk to who can tell you if you qualify for disability payments. Although they do not offer legal advice, they can tell you whether or not you have a legitimate disability claim.

There are many Social Security phone numbers online but some of them may not be from the right office you need to speak with. Many websites like to claim they work on behalf of the Administration, but in actuality, they are just a resource that can be used to locate office phone numbers along with other important Social Security information.

Keep Social Security Number Safe

Make sure you keep your social security number safe because there are thieves out there who will steal that information and use it to acquire loans in your name. If you suspect Social Security or identity fraud make sure you contact the police immediately. There must be a written report in case someone has used your information illegally.

Keep the Documents Required To Obtain A Social Security Number and contact number handy in case you ever need to contact them. There are so many reasons why you would need to speak with them, and thanks to the internet you can easily locate the national number as well as local offices near you.