Since the wait for a social security card is about 10 business days, people often wonder if they are able to get a printout of the actual card. Let’s first start by saying that a SS card is printed on paper. That being said, it’s also not like your license where you are going to get a printout that shows that you have a valid license until your ID shows up in the mail. However, you can actually get a verification printout of your social security card once your application has been reviewed.

You don’t even have to go up to the SSA office to do that. Let’s say that you apply for a replacement card online, and you need the verification for employment purposes. You are going to want to make sure that you have the verification as soon as possible. Therefore, once your application has been reviewed, you can sign into your online account and get that printout. It’s a piece of cake.

Actual Social Security Card

You won’t have an actual social security card in hand because you have to wait for it to arrive. Yet it will be an official printout from the SSA website that shows you have a social security card on the way. That is as good as having it in your hand, well almost. It will be good enough to an employer or any organization that needs a copy of your social security card. You might of course have to show your card once it arrives, too.

Still, you won’t have to worry about any hangups because you are able to show the printout verification instead of having your social security card in hand. That makes things easy enough, don’t you agree? After you apply for the social security card, remember to go back and check to see when you can get the printout. You might have to give the SSA some time to review your application, but you won’t have to wait the entire two weeks it takes for your card to arrive.

Review Your Application

That should suffice when it comes to employers because it won’t take long at all for the SSA to review your application. If you would like a more clear answer as to when your application will be reviewed, you might actually want to take the time to go to the office and apply for the replacement card there. That way you would be speaking with one of the people at the office and would know exactly what is going to happen when it comes to the printout verification that you need.

If you can’t get a printout verification while you are at the office, you can always sign up for an online account and print one at home at your first convenience. It would be neat to have an online account anyway so that you have access to the SSA that way instead of having to go up to the local office. It sure makes things a little easier, right? To know more contact us or visit the website at