How can I get a copy of my Social Security card online

Social Security card online

In America, the requirement of a Social Security number (SSN) has substantially grown over the last 80 years. It’s inception happened because of the need to track earnings of the American people for the purpose of providing benefits to the people along with figuring out who was entitled to social security and who was not.

This number is issued by the social security administration which worked independently of the United States of America. This number is used as a universal identifier. The social security number helps government bodies in the process of identification of those individuals who serve the economy by working and this number is used for taxation as well among other purposes.

The organization’s accounting department where you work needs this number to give relevant information regarding your income details to the Internal Revenue Service. Information regarding your social security wages will also be logged in through the acquisition of this number.

Employers also use this number for reporting of state income. They may not need to if your state doesn’t have income tax. Participants of E-verify also under all circumstances acquire a social security number because it is mandatory to have one before the onset of work. But don’t worry, you can get a copy of a social security number online.

You can apply for a SSN number by filling out an application and submitting the appropriate documents.

We recommends that you should avoid carrying your social security card around with you in case you lose it accidentally or it gets stolen. Only carry it on you if the need is urgent such as if you have to fill out paperwork to start at a new place of employment and you need the social security number to show as proof of residence if you do not have your passport at the time. You can get a copy of a social security number online.

Here are some of the reasons why you should apply for a social security card online.

What are the Benefits?

The U.S government uses it to track all its citizens for the purpose of keeping record. This record needs to be maintained so to gain information about the number of years you have worked along with your earnings. When you wish to retire, then based on your record, you will be eligible to receive social security disability income. The U.S government uses this information to also gauge if you are eligible for benefits from the government.

As social security numbers are assigned by the central issuing office of social security administration, it becomes fairly unlikely that duplicates of the same can take place. However, some cases of duplication in the past. You can get a copy of a social security number online.

Employers, colleges and banks are interested in social security numbers and would ask for it in their paperwork.

The American Armed Forces has used this number as an identification method since the first of January, 1969. The navy as well as the Marine corps also have been using the same for their personnel since January 1st, 1972. The coast guard has also been using the system since 1st October, 1974.

In June 2011, DOD began to stop using this number as a way of identification. It was then mandatory to use a unique DOD number that was assigned instead. This was originally known as the EDIPI.

The speed of the process of applying online. Get a copy of a social security card online.

You don’t need to spend hours waiting in government offices and standing in line, you can apply for a copy of social security number online by just a few clicks of the mouse.

Answers to any possible query is online. You can also apply on behalf of someone else or a minor through the same process. This option gives you convenience and speed at the comfort of your home.

Lack of paperwork

The bureaucratic system of the word involves countless hours wasted on paperwork and people hate filling up these repetitive forms and signing countless agreements before obtaining the card. Getting a copy of a social card online eliminates all those process and gives back power to you.

Easiest form of application

Simplified and easy processes is what this is about. It is simple to review information that is submitted online and this further minimizes chances of your application getting rejected.

Statistics prove that the biggest reason why applications get rejected is because the information in the application form is incorrect and does not tally. The perk of getting a social security number online is that one does not have to worry about untidy forms and scribbling on top of information that one might have struck out because of errors.

So the online application way to obtain a social security card has a numerous benefits. Please make sure that you select the right company to help you, read the company reviews and see how long they have been in the business and make an informed choice.

How to Get a Copy of a Social Security Card online

If you have lost your card and a considerable amount of time has passed since you had your social security card and a new employer or another authority body needs you to produce your card, then the only solution is to replace it. You can very simply follow these simple steps.

  • To begin with, download the SS-5 form by visiting this link and please get a print out of the same using standard white letter-size paper. The next step is to fill in the details in blue or black ink written legibly.
  • After completing the application, take stock of all your documents as asked and get them organized.
  • All documents must also be in their original form and photocopies shall not be accepted and nor will notarized paperwork along with documents that have been expired.
  • Proof of residence will also need to be submitted that includes passport and an original birth certificate. Proof of age and identity will also have to be submitted . If in case you don’t have them in your possession and ten days is too short a time to get them in order, then a school identification card, an employee card, U.S issued military card or a health insurance card can be submitted in its place. A medi-card will not be accepted as a proof of identity and residence.
  • Also note that if an application is submitted on behalf of another, your links and responsibilities to the person would need to be authenticated. So the person making the application will need their documents and those of the minor as well.
  • When you have completed an SS-5 application and collected all the necessary documents, please submit the same to the local Social Security Administration office. This submission needs to be in two ways, either in person or via mail. Not considering the means of submission, your application will take approximately 10 to 14 days to be processed and for a new duplicate social security card to be given. After you receive it, make sure to keep it under lock and key at all times for the sake of safety.

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