Social security cards are one of the single most important forms of identification to have. These cards are essential to getting social services, applying for some loans, signing up for college courses and traveling. If you have lost your card or you are applying for a new SS card for a family member or yourself, you want your card fast.

There are two ways to get a social security card. You can apply in person at a Social Security office near you or you can go online to the official website and apply online. Most applications will be processed in a few minutes. It can take two weeks to get a hard copy of your new card.

replacement social security card

Apply In Person

If you want to apply in person, look for your local office by visiting the US Social Security website. Make an appointment and be sure to bring all the documents you need. They must be originals and not copies. Your application will be processed immediately but your card will be sent to you in the mail.

It takes two weeks to get a card but if you need a copy immediately, the office will provide you with a copy that will act as your actual card temporarily. You should get your card in the mail in a few weeks.

Apply Online for New Social Security Card

If you are over 18 with a US mailing address and are not making name changes, you can apply online. The online application is available at the Social Security website. It still takes a few weeks for the hard copy of the card to be mailed to you.

There are services that will offer to get your card for you for a small fee. Always go to the Social Security offices or website. The service is free.

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