Social Security cards are easy to lose, but they are the type of document that you can’t easily replace. You only get one card and if you lose the card that you have you are going to have to go through a bit of hassle to get a new one.

If you go to your local Social Security office you can ask for Application Filing Services – Replacement Social Security Card Same Day. You just have to bring proof of identity and you can fill out some forms and get a new card. They will issue one for you on the spot. You can also print out the forms and fill them out at home so you don’t have to spend any time filling them out at the Social Security office.

Handling Your Social Security Card With Care

Your Social Security card is important and you want to try to be careful not to lose it. You really shouldn’t just carry it in your wallet because the consequences are just too great if you lose it. If a thief gets hold of your Social Security number they can get into your bank accounts and even open up accounts in your name that will ruin your credit score and leave you on the hook for the bills.

If you lost your Social Security card you want to immediately contact the credit reporting agencies and have them freeze your credit reports which will make it impossible for anyone to open up any fraudulent accounts in your name. You should also check your bank accounts each day to make sure that the criminals didn’t get into your bank account. To get your replacement card, just go to the local Social Security office with your proof of identity and you will get replace your social security card quickly and get a replacement card issues the same day.