A social security card is important to keep because it is often needed as one of the documents required to prove eligibility for certain things such as a job. For this reason, when a card is lost it’s important to be able to get that card replaced as soon as possible. Here we will take a look at how to replace a lost Social Security card.

The Required Documentation When Applying For A New Card

The main priority for the Social Security office when applying for a new card is to make sure that you are who you say you are and that you are a citizen of the United States of America or legal immigrant. To meet these requirements it will be necessary for you to have at least two different types of documentation to prove your identity, your age, and the fact that you are indeed a US citizen or that you have up-to-date immigration status.

Take A Driver License OR State Issued ID Card

It will be necessary for you to have a driver’s license or a state-issued ID card. Up-to-date passports are also acceptable forms of ID. In addition to these types of documentation, you will also need a way to demonstrate citizenship by producing a birth certificate or US passport. If you have up-to-date immigration status then you will need documents such as the I-94 and I-766 and I-551.

Once you have all of the necessary documentation you can simply go to the nearest Social Security office and fill out the form to replace your card. The process is simple and fast and the only time spent will be if the office is busy. Once you have completed the forms and presented your documentation then the card will be sent to you within 14 days. There is no cost to getting a new card so there is no need to delay doing so. For more information click at https://www.application-filing-service.com/socialsecuritycard/lost-social-security-card/