Consequences On Loosing Your Social Security Card

Loosing Your Social Security Card

The increased number of wallet and purse theft lead to the use of social security cards which are lodged inside thus giving a kick to the world which is more digitized now. But, what to do if you lose your social security card?

Apart from the mourning over the doubled loss, you should take immediate steps to get your social security card back with you. But let me tell you that the process is a bit lengthy.

What to do if you lose your social security card?

First of all you what you need to do is get complete knowledge about all the documents which you will require to verify your age, citizenship as well as identity. By visiting the social security administration website, you can get a lift of it. Then you can begin with the filling of the social security card application and take a print out of it and thus either take it or mail the necessary to the social security administrator which is nearest to your location. In order to find the nearest administrator, you can take help of the online office locator tool of the agency.

Is it possible to get a replacement social security card?

Yes, it is possible to get your social security card replaced. You need to visit the ‘My Social Security’ account website and thus go through the steps to make a request of replacing your social security card. Whereas, there are some conditions which a person needs to fulfill in order to file a replacement request of the social security card which are stated as following:

  • A U.S. citizen with a U.S. mailing address who is 18 years in age or above, must not be requesting any other kind of change and must possess a driver’s license or an identity card issued by states like arizona, california, new mexico, maryland, michigan, texas, washington and many more.

  • Whereas, individuals applying for the replacement of the social security card need to necessarily deposit an acceptable personal identification proof of authentication. On a greater note, the birth certificate of an individual will do but any of the following stated below would work too:

  • The hospital record of the individual’s birth from any hospital in the U.S. or any religious record which is enough to indicate the age of an individual based on your date of birth. It is important to note that this should be made before the individual turns 5 in age. A U.S. passport will also do or a final adoption decree which portrays the necessary birth data.

  • If still, there stands an exception on what to do if you lose your social security card, there are some other documents which shall be accepted like a school identity card, a medical health insurance card, an employee identity card etc.

  • The authentication proofs which are submitted by the individual should either be original copies or should be photocopies as issued by the issuing agencies. Otherwise, the agency will not accept any kind of copies except the original ones which are notarized. Also, any receipts filed for the legitimate form of a person’s identification shall simply be rejected.

Further, you need to download the social security card replacement form. While downloading, you should check whether the form is dated as well as signed.

The social security replacement card will only be sent to your home address if you have filed the application paying heed to all the necessity and your provided information has been verified completely. Your new and replaced card will have your exact full name and social security number which was mentioned previously on your old card.

Social Security Fraud

When you get your new card, secure it away a protected place until the point that you totally require it. Specialists encourage cardholders to abstain from bearing the card all the time—incompletely in light of the danger of losing it once more, and halfway on the grounds that you truly don’t have to bear the report all the time. Truth be told, one Social Security master says that Social Security cards are unimportant in the computerized age, and the genuine need ought to be focused at misrepresentation assurance.

Other information security specialists concur, referring to the high danger of losing a card on the off chance that you truck it around in your wallet or wallet. The social security cards are required by individuals every now and then and therefore, people keep it with themselves all the time. This increases the probability of you losing your social security card and you’ll be left thinking what to do if you lose your social security card? You can protect your social security card by initiating a password which will protect the card as well as you’ll go through less tension. Based on the suggestions rendered, you can also take up the mobile approach by capturing a picture and thus saving it in your mobile phone device.

To hinder any Social Security extortion, ensure your Social Security card number doesn’t show up on other recognizable proof cards, similar to a human services protection card. Additionally, ensure your driver’s permit number isn’t the same as your Social Security number. In the event that your bank or charge card organization tries to utilize your Social Security number as a record number, request another number.

As a last layer of information insurance with your Social Security card, require significant investment in any event once every year to survey your Social Security Earnings Statement for any signs of a break or Social Security misrepresentation. Discover the announcement at the Social Security “my record” page

In the event that you’ve lost your Social Security card, don’t hold up to address the circumstance and apply for another one. A lost or stolen card abandons you at higher danger of extortion, and the sooner you secure another card, and keep it in a protected and secure place, the better.

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