A lot of people today are dealing with identity theft. Social media is one of the most common sources of this problem. There are also some phishing websites that get information from individuals. Over the years, the internet has become the source of identity theft. However, keep in mind that there are also more basic ways on how someone can steal your identity.

For instance, if you are unaware of the papers that you fill out containing your social security number, you may find yourself vulnerable to experiencing identity theft. In fact, your lost ID social security card and birth certificate can be the culprit to your problem.

Lost social security card and birth certificate

Getting a replacement for the social security card might be easy, but you have to understand the repercussions of losing this important document. There is a chance that someone is going to use your social security number. The idea behind the social security number is that your lifetime income is going to be recorded here. This makes taxation easy for the IRS, not to mention it is easier to assess your credit rating if you are looking to apply for a loan.

Most people forget to check their income in their social security number. Once your social security card has been lost, it is time that you become more conscious. What could happen if you don’t become conscious of this?

Missing social security card and birth certificate

There is a chance that you will have problems with your taxes. There is also the possibility that you will encounter a problem with your credit rating. These are scenarios that you don’t want to mess with. What you can do is to record everything that happened after you have lost your social security card. You want to make sure that it is reported to the right authorities.

There is a strong chance that you will have no other choice but to be getting a new social security number. Getting a new social security number will be the discretion of the social security agency if there is really nothing that they can do. Unfortunately, you will have to rebuild your credit score from scratch since you will be getting a new social security number.