US citizens and individuals who can legally work in the US can have a social security number. It is found in their social security card. It serves a purpose for different things including your credit rating, tax, and even your retirement. However, lost social security benefits card can become a tricky scenario especially if there is identity theft involved. Getting the social security card replaced is the simplest thing that you will be dealing with in this scenario. In fact, you will need minimal documents in order to get a replacement in a week or so.

However, getting a replacement for the old card that was lost is just the least of your concerns. You will have to check the bank account, your credit rating, and even see if the IRS is going to send you letters for not paying your taxes right. These are some signs that you’ve become a victim of identity theft when you lost your social security card.

A lot of people think that identity theft only occurs online. In reality, a lot of these cases occur from negligence on the part of people. It could be an old document you filled out that includes your social security number. And on some instances, it could be your lost social security card.

What do I do if I lost my social security benefits card?

Losing your social security card can become tricky when dealing with this kind of problem. What you can do is to report the incidents to the authorities in order to alert them. You also have to document everything. Every discrepancy should be documented in order to make the reports smoother.

But what if they can’t catch the culprit and the problem still occurs? That is when you will be given a new social security number. However, it isn’t always the case in every situation. You will have to consider the fact that the social security agency will still have the final say whether or not to grant you a new one. Also, keep in mind that it becomes a difficult situation on your part if you suddenly have a new social security number. You will have no other choice but to start from scratch. That means that you are going to build your credit rating from the beginning again.