If you are one of those people keeping all their documents in their wallet, it can get tricky if you lose some of these precious documents. A lot of individuals, in fact, deal with identity theft because of this habit. So you are in a scenario wherein you lost social security card what do I do? First, you need to stop and think if you simply misplaced your social security card or your wallet. Once you have confirmed that it is really gone, still try to find it by tracing back your steps. If this still failed, it is a good idea that you report it to authorities. You also want to get a replacement ready.

I lost my ID and social security card what do i do

Lost social security card can be replaced for as many as three times annually for free. And in your lifetime, you are allowed to get it replaced for a total of ten times for free. You simply need to prove your identity to the social security agency. Make sure that you bring at least two documents that prove your age and your status.

What do i do if i lost my social security card and driver’s license

But after you have received the replacement social security card, it is a good idea that you check the social security number online. Is there anything fishy going on? In some scenarios, it is possible that you’ve become a victim of identity theft. This can be a very problematic scenario that can affect your life. For one, this might give you a problem with the IRS. This means that someone has been using your number for something that is questionable. Also, there is a chance that your credit rating will be affected.

Can you imagine getting denied for your mortgage because of this? These are real scenarios that happen to people. In fact, it happens more common than most people think.

What you can do is to report to authorities that you are experiencing identity theft. There is a chance that they could fix your problem. On the other hand, there is also the probability that you don’t have any other choice but to end up getting a new social security number. This is the last resort that you can go for.