If you did not already know your social security card contains vital information that is key to accessing several sensitive data pertaining to your financial and personal life. On the other hand, your birth certificate is a major requirement for all government ID requests. Losing both these documents at the same time is sure to cause a major headache.

It is pretty common knowledge that you should take care of your important documents. Yet, in spite of this, many people still find themselves in situations wherein their most crucial documents and IDs have gone missing. Do not despair though as it is not the end of the world. This article provides specific instructions on what you need to do in this type of situations. So, pay close attention.

Lost both social security card and birth certificate

The thing about losing both these documents is that it would be a bit of a challenge getting them replaced at the same time. Instead, we propose that you go about it one document at a time. Seeing as the social security card contains more sensitive information than your birth certificate, we recommend that you try getting it replaced first. After all, it contains your social security number which is key to obtaining your work and income history, tax data, and social security contributions.

It would please readers to know that the application for a replacement social security card is actually rather straightforward. First, you will have to pay the Social Security Administration a visit and report the loss of your card. Once you have done that, you will be given a couple of forms to answer. Fill them up and make sure that the answers you provide are accurate.

Keep in mind that you may also be asked to provide additional documents in order to prove your identity. While the birth certificate would have been the best option, there are still other documents that the SSA accepts such as your driver’s license and your marriage certificate.

What to do if lost social security card and birth certificate

If everything goes well with your social security card replacement, you can expect it to come in the mail in a few days’ time. Once you have your card, you can then proceed to apply for your birth certificate.