Losing both your social security card and your birth certificate at the same time can be tough. These are the two most important documents available. Without them, you probably won’t be able to get anything done. That is why it is vital that you acquire one of them immediately.

However, the problem with that is you cannot get a new birth certificate without your social security card as it is one of the primary requirements. Luckily, the requirement for getting a new social security card is much easier. Pay attention, so that you know what to do in case you find yourself in such a precarious situation.

Getting a Social Security Card

It never surprises people to find that requesting a copy of their social security card is pretty straightforward. The process is actually pretty straightforward and can be done rather quickly. These are the things you need to do when getting a new social security card:

  • Requesting the Forms – First, you need to get the application forms you need. You can get them online or you can get them personally by visiting the nearest social security administration office near you.
  • Answering the Form – Once you have the proper forms, you have to fill them up accordingly. Make sure everything is correct. You want to ensure that everything in there is accurate and up-to-date. Doing so will ensure that the entire process goes over smoothly.
  • Bringing the Necessary Documents –As stated earlier, the birth certificate isn’t really a requirement as you can make use of other state-issued documents in its place. Marriage contracts and other valid ID’s will do just fine.

This article seeks to help readers out with their little problem. It gives them the exact steps they need to do to get a new copy of their social security card.