New York residents who are planning on going to the DMV in order to apply for a new driver’s license may be in for a rude awakening if they forget to bring their social security card with them. This is because your social security card is one of the most important pieces of ID to have in your possession.

A new driver’s license is just one of the basic government ID’s you won’t be able to obtain without presenting your social security card. That being said, you can probably see how a lost social security card can become a real headache.  This article explains what you need to do if you find yourself without a social security card. While it may seem tedious, keep in mind that your social security card is of paramount importance especially in situations such as this one.

NY DMV Lost Social Security Card

If you have ever been to the DMV in New York, then you probably already know that they do not fool around. If you do not have the required documents with you, then it would be close to impossible for you to acquire your driver’s license.

In times like these, a lost social security card becomes a real problem. Readers need to understand that if you truly want that driver’s license, then you first have to work on getting a new social security card to replace the one you have lost.

The process itself is rather simple so there is no need to worry. First, you have to go to the nearest NY Social Security Administration office in your area. Once you are there, explain to them that you have lost your card and that you are in need of a new one.

New York DMV Lost Social Security Card

The staff at the Social Security Administration NY office will be giving you a couple of request forms to fill up. Make sure to answer the questions as accurately as you can. It would also be helpful if you prepare your supplementary documents beforehand so that the entire process goes over smoothly.

Once you get your new Social Security Card, you can go back to the DMV and get your license.

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