If you have ever dropped by a local DMV branch then you probably know that it would be impossible to get a replacement driver’s license if you do not have all the necessary documents with you. That is why losing both your social security card and your driver’s license can be a real problem seeing as the former is a basic requirement for the latter.

However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do in this type of situation. On the contrary, there is actually a simple solution to all of it. You just have to be patient and take your time as you get copies of these documents one at a time. This article presents how you can secure a copy of your social security card.

I lost my Drivers License and Social Security Card What Do I Do

It is common knowledge that you can’t drive a vehicle without your driver’s license. You cannot get a replacement driver’s license without presenting your social security card ID. Losing both of these is a real headache. However, you have no choice but to be patient about your situation and take things one at a time.

The first thing you will need is a new social security card to replace the one you lost. This step is unavoidable since your social security card is a basic requirement at the DMV. That being said, you will need to swing by the Social Security Administration office and tell them that you lost your card. After all, a missing social security card may as well be a stolen one. Filing a report is vital as it will help them monitor your situation better.

From there, they will provide you with the forms you need to fill up. It will mostly be about your personal information so make sure that you answer honestly and accurately. It is also worth noting that you will need to present additional documents such as your birth certificate to prove your identity.

What to do if you lost your social security card and driver’s license?

Once you have all the required documents, you can go ahead and pass your application. You will get your new social security card in a matter of days. Once that is done, you can proceed to the DMV and apply for your driver’s license.