Do you have a lost social security card and ID from your wallet? This can be a problem especially when it comes to getting a replacement. You will need to show at least two valid documents in order to get your social security card replaced. This is quite a straight forward approach.

In fact, you can avoid this kind of situation. You want to make sure that you don’t keep your social security card in your wallet all the time. It is a good idea that you keep it in a safe place. Also, keep in mind that you will only need your social security card if you are applying for a job and when you are going to open a bank account.

In fact, during the initial phase of the job interview, you won’t even need to show your social security card and give your social security number. They will most likely ask for the social security number during the latter phases.

Lost social security card and identity theft

What exactly happens when you lost your social security card? This can be a problematic situation if you end up becoming a victim of identity theft. Identity theft is common because of the social security number. Social security number is a nine-digit number given to individuals who can work in the US temporarily and to US citizens. It serves as the record of your entire lifetime income.

Lost social security card and state id

Now, if someone is using your social security number, this can be a bit tricky. Could you imagine having loans that you didn’t get? Or perhaps, dealing with the IRS? You have to make sure that you check your income and your credit score if you ever find yourself becoming a victim of identity theft.

In fact, it is more common than what most people think. 5% of US adult population has been victims of identity theft. The chance of you becoming a victim is quite high. In some scenarios, you have no other option but to have a new social security number. This may not be a guaranteed option especially when it is always up to the Social Security Agency whether or not to grant you.