So I lost my social security card and ID. How exactly is this going to affect me? Will there be a difficulty getting a new one? Well, for starters, let’s look at your social security card. It contains your social security number. Your SSN is very important in your life in the US because it allows you to find work legally, pay the right tax, and even apply for a loan. Now, losing your social security card leaves you prone to identity theft.

I lost my social security card and ID What Do I Do?

Identity theft can be quite hard to deal with. One, you really can’t tell who is using your identity. If you lost your social security card and someone decided to use your social security number to apply for a loan or to get a credit card, you could also be the one in trouble. What you want is to report your social security card is missing. This can help prevent so many problems from taking place.

You need to know the red flags that might give you an idea that someone is using your social security number. One, you want to check the credit rating every once in a while. If you see your credit rating becoming drastically affected after your social security card has been lost, then there is a chance that you are already a victim of identity theft. You should also look at your account for any payment made that you didn’t do. And last, you may even find yourself dealing with IRS. They may find discrepancy between your income on your social security number and the tax that you are paying.

Lost my social security card identity theft

In these scenarios, you may request to have a new social security number. However, this is considered the last resort option. You will still have to also prove that there is indeed identity theft that is happening in order for SSA to give you a new social security number. Even if you were granted a new one, your trouble really doesn’t end there. You will have no other choice but to rebuild credit score. Yes, you will have to start from scratch since the other social security number has been compromised.

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