For Lost Social Security Card International Students

International students should know full well the importance of their social security card. Without one, things would be a lot harder for you. As you probably already know, next to your passport, the social security card is one of the most important pieces of documentation.

This article seeks to help readers figure out the specific things they need to do in case they ever find themselves in such a predicament. After all, losing a security card is no laughing matter. It could not only affect your stay in the country but it can also be detrimental to your overall learning experience.

You have to act quickly once you find out that your social security card has been lost. After all, identity theft is a rather common crime in the country. An international student’s social security card is often a prime target for these criminals. You can never be too careful.

The first thing you need to do is inform the Social Security Administration of your situation. Doing so will effectively insulate you from any problems that may arise due to your missing social security card. The SSA will be monitoring your social security number for a while in order to verify if it has been compromised. If this happens, then you may also need to request a new social security number as well.

In order for you to file a request for a replacement social security card, you have to get the right type of forms. You can request this from the SSA branch near you or you can also download it online. Fill these up as accurately as you can. 

It is also worth noting that international students may be requested to provide additional supplementary documents for their social security card application. For instance, you have to bring a copy of your passport as well as proof of that you are currently studying in the country. This can be your university ID or your admission slip.

Do Something for Lost Social Security Card International Students

You may file your request at any local SSA branch. Just make sure that you have everything with you. You can expect your replacement card to be ready within a week.