Your social security number is the most important number that you have to protect. It is issued to US citizens and to individuals who can legally work in the US. What this number does is to record your lifetime of income. After recording your lifetime of income, it also helps the IRS keep track if you are paying your taxes right.

Unfortunately, there are instances wherein you will lose your social security card. Getting a replacement for a lost social security card need new one is easy. You simply need to show documents to prove that you are a US citizen and your name matches the social security number if you wish to have a replacement. You can, in fact, get it for free. You can get as many as three replacements in one year. You can, in fact, get ten free replacements in your lifetime. However, keep in mind that it is a bit tricky if you lost your social security card.

Lost social security card what do I need to get a new one?

Since your social security number is found in your social security card, you are prone to experiencing problems regarding identity theft. Now, how difficult is it to deal with identity theft? One, there is a chance that creditors are going to contact you for things that you didn’t buy. It is possible that you will be racking up bills that you are unaware of. In addition to this, IRS might also try to look for you since your tax isn’t going to match your income. For both scenarios, you need to make sure that you record everything. This way, you will be able to defend yourself properly. You also need to report it to the authorities.

Lost social security card get new one

There is a chance where you have no other choice but to get a new social security number. This can be a good and a bad thing. It can be a good thing because you no longer have to deal with the problems caused by identity theft. On the other hand, you start from scratch. You will have no other choice but to simply work and build your credit rating again. In most scenarios, it can be stressful.


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