Lost social security card new job on the way? All you need to do is to have your social security number ready. If you can’t remember the social security number, then it can easily become a nightmare. You want to make sure that you are going to get a replacement for the social security card. You will have to show at least two identification cards that can confirm your citizenship or legal status in the US, as well as your age. Your passport is a great document that you can use.

I lost my social security card and am starting a new job

Once you receive your social security card after a week or so, you will have to be conscious of the worst case scenarios that might actually affect you. For one, there is the chance of identity theft. Just how rampant is identity theft in the US? Experts believe that 5% of the US adult population has been victimized. A lot of times, social security numbers are stolen from dead individuals. In fact, Time Magazine mentioned that 2.5 million deceased individuals in the US had their identities stolen.

Now, the problem is if it happened to you and your social security number. There is always that chance that the IRS is going after you. One of the reasons is the mismatch in your income and the tax that you are paying. In addition to this, there might be purchases that are made using your account that you are not aware of.

Lost social security card job interview

One solution that you may entertain if you are affected by identity theft is to have a new social security number. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. You will need to prove that there is identity theft that occurred. Next, you also have to exhaust all means in order to solve the problem first. You will have to contact all the necessary offices. And finally, you have the Social Security Agency that will have the final say whether or not to take your request.

And why is this a very uncommon scenario to request for a new social security number? It is still possible to solve the problem in some scenarios. Also, you have no other choice but to reset everything and start from scratch.