If you lost your wallet, and you lost your social security number inside it, this situation can easily turn into a nightmare. Though you know your social security number by heart, getting the social security card in the wrong hands can give you a number of problems. Lost social security card number can leave you prone towards experiencing problems related to identity theft.

Lost social security card credit bureau

It is important that you know when this is happening. One of the things that you will notice is an error in your bank statement. Even the smallest amounts that are being charged to your account, no matter how small or big, is already a sign that someone is using your identity. Next, once you notice a credit report discrepancy after your social security card has been stolen, this could confirm the problem.

In some scenarios, there are even creditors calling you to settle loans that you didn’t make. And on some occasions, you will be receiving a letter from the IRS claiming that the tax you paid and the wage amount on your social security number don’t match.

Report Lost Social Security Card Number

This can be a tricky scenario. What you can do is to call the authorities in order to alert them of the situation. Next, you also want to record everything that is happening. This way, it is easier to prove that there is really identity theft that happened. And once you’ve been able to prove your case, there is a chance that you are going to get a new social security number. Though you will have to restart on everything, this might be a good deal after all. You no longer have to deal with the worry about your taxes. Also, you can simply work hard and make sure that you prevent the identity theft scenario from happening again.

It is a good idea to always protect the social security number. In fact, it is better if you are going to just use it if you are opening a bank account, applying for credit card, or in the latter stages of your job application. Other than these scenarios, make sure that you use other government IDs.

Lost Social Security Card