If you are keeping your social security card in your wallet every time, you are making a big mistake. There is a chance that you are going to lose it. It is highly suggested that your social security card is kept at home most of the time. In fact, the only time that you are going to use the social security card is when opening a new bank account, applying for a credit card, or when you are applying for a job. The employer wouldn’t even ask for the social security number unless during the latter stages of the employment proceedings.

In case that you lost your social security card, you will have to immediately call the lost social security card phone number and inform the office that you have lost yours. You can get a free replacement for your social security card for up to three times in one year. All you need to do is to show them supporting documents and match the social security number.

Lost social security card number

However, you still need to be conscious of the consequences. For instance, what if someone is already using your socials security number? There is a probability that you will get into trouble in this kind of scenario. One, you could actually be charged with purchases that you didn’t make. The worst part is that you could be hounded by the IRS because your income and the taxes you are paying are not matched.

You want to record instances wherein you suspect that you’ve become a victim of identity theft. It can get messy to the point wherein you will need to have a new social security number. But of course, the social security agency will have the final say whether or not to give you one. Also, you will have to consider the harsh reality that you will need to restart. You will have to work for your credit score again for the next years.

Lost social security card new number

Losing your social security card can turn into a nightmare. You will need to think of ways on how to solve it first before you demand a new social security number. But of course, there are instances when you have no other choice but to get a new one.