A social security number is an important number that can be seen in your social security card. The social security number contains all the necessary information about your lifetime income. However, a lot of people have experienced lost social security cards. Lost social security card report should be made the moment that it went missing. Keep in mind that the longer that you don’t report your social security card as lost, the higher chances that something bad is going to happen to it.

Should I Report Lost Social Security Card?

Getting a replacement is the easy part. Lost social security card can be replaced for free by up to three times. You can also have a replacement in a week or so delivered to your address. What you should do is to expect the worst whenever you are going to lose your socials security number. There is a chance that someone is going to use it to their own advantage. Of course, that is the last thing that you want.

Identity theft happens to 5% of the US adult population. And unfortunately, a lot of these cases came from lost social security cards. Make sure that you know just when to use the social security card in order to minimize the chances of it getting lost. For instance, you can keep the social security card in a safe. You should only be using it when opening a bank account or showing your employer that you are eligible to work. Other than that, there is really no reason for you to make use of your social security number.

Can you report a lost social security card?

So what happens when you lost it? There could be someone who could be using the social security number for different purposes. You might notice that there are some purchases made under your name. There is also a chance that there are bills that you will have to pay.

What you should do is to report these instances. Also, record all of the times that you suspect that there’s identity theft. This can help build your case into getting a new social security number. However, getting a brand new social security number isn’t easy. It is also not a guarantee that you will be given a new one.