What do you do when your wallet is lost? If you’re like most people you’d panic. After all, your wallet usually contains your license, credit cards and other forms of identification. If it falls into the hands of the wrong person you could be in trouble.

Here are some steps you should take to ensure you’re protected if your wallet is lost.

Determine That Your Wallet is Really Lost

If you’re at home, look around. If your handbag or home is cluttered, your wallet may just be misplaced. Try to remember the last time you had your wallet. If you were home, then look around.

If you were out when you had your wallet last, then call the store to see if someone handed the wallet to the cashier or customer service desk.

Cancel Your Credit Cards

If your wallet is not found, then you need to immediately call your debit and credit card companies to report the lost card. Some companies can put a hold on to give you time to search for it.

Some companies will cancel the card and issue a new one. It may take several days before you receive the new card, which is why you want to make sure the wallet is lost first.

Consider Which Identification Needs to Be Replaced

If your wallet is taken, then most likely you’ve lost your driver’s license or state identification card. You’ll need to get that replaced.

Although it is not advised, some people carry their social security cards in their wallet. If your card is your wallet you’ll need to go to the Social Security Administration, after receiving your state issued ID and get a replacement.

Work IDs and other identification cards would need to be replaced. Go tot he agency that issued them for the replacement card. While most cards can be replaced for free, some companies charge a nominal fee.

Know What’s In Your Wallet

As you can see replacing the lost pieces in your wallet will take time. However, this task can be made easier by knowing which cards you have.

It’s easier to call your credit card company to report your card as lost when you have the information available.

You can keep a simple list of your cards, account numbers and the phone number for the lost/stolen card department in a file with your other important documents.

There are also companies that will make it easier to report your credit cards lost or stolen. These companies allow you to call one phone number and have all of your cards tagged as lost and a new card reissued.

The best way to deal with a lost wallet is to think about it before it happens. That means taking the time to consider what you’d need to do if your wallet was missing.

This process may even include removing items that you may not want to lose, like certain photos or cards you don’t use on a regular basis, like your social security card. Find details at https://lostsscard.com