One of the fastest growing crimes in the United States of America is identity theft. Identity theft is a person who has your Social Security number, they can use this to get your other personal information. Identity thieves can use your social security number to access your bank or credit card accounts, they will use it then to pay their bills. You may not know that someone is using your social security number until the bills is turned down, or an unknown creditor is demanding for your payment for things you never bought. Identity thieves can get your Social Security Card and person information by:

  • Stealing your wallet, purse, bank and credit card statements, and tax information;
  • Stealing your personal information you supply to an unsecured site online, from business to personal records at work, or your personal information at home.
  • Searching through your trash, the trash of business establishments, and public trash dumps for personal data;
  • Posing by phone or email as someone who legitimately needs information about you;
  • Buying personal information from inside sources. An identity theft has much access, they may pay a store employee for your personal information that reflects on your application form for goods, services, or credit.

The Social Security Administration protects your Social Security number and records for confidentiality. They do not give your number to any institutions, business entities or persons except if they are authorized by law. One must be careful when handing out their number, even when they are asked. One must question the person requesting on how the social security number will be used, if it is really necessary and what are the consequences if one will refuse. The answers to your questions can help you decide whether you will give out your social security number or not.

Be careful in using with your social security card and number. When you have a new job, make sure you have provided the correct social security number to ensure that you have a correct record. You need to provide your social security number to your financial institutions for taxing purposes. Do not routinely bring your card or another document that displays your social security card or other documents that show your personal information and social security number, keep your social security card in a safe place.

Either on purpose or accidentally, there are times that more than one person uses the same Social Security number. If you suspect that someone is using your social security number for work purposes, contact immediately the social security administration. An identity thief can use your social security number to a file a tax return to get your refund. If you really suspect that your social security number is stolen, the theft might use it to get a job. The social security administration will review your earnings and will ensure that your records are correct. If someone has misused your social security number and personal information. The social security administration or the internal revenue service cannot resolve your problems but you can ask assistance from them.