Replacement security card for child: Ways and Benefits

Replacement security card for child

Social security is considered to be a benefit given to old age retirees. Adding to this benefit there is also another small benefit included in the social security benefit is benefit for children. Thus, providing, the most essential assistance to the most vulnerable members of our society. Around 4.4 million children are given aid of approximately $2.5 Billion each month by the social security administration.

Social security works with the intention to help children of the retired, deceased or disabled parents. They also help the children to get through high school. Social security takes this on their shoulder to take care of the children and fund their financial needs in case their parents gets disabled or dies. There is a law which also enforces the social security to take care of the dependent grandchildren or unmarried kids who are under the supervision of elderly, disabled or deceased parents.

Below are the points and some highlights which qualify you for the benefits mentioned above? These points will guide you how to arrange these.

Which children can apply for this?

Dependent, Adopted or biological stepchildren can be eligible for social security privileges. To get the benefits the children must follow the below procedure:

  • The kid must have retired or disabled parents which can get him social security benefit.
  • The kid should be unmarried.
  • He should be full time high school student.
  • Should be less than 18 years or up to 19 years of age.
  • He should be 18 years old and disabled (the disability should have been a part of him before the age of 22).

Ways to get the benefits!!

Parents or guardians should have original birth certificate of the student as well as parents’ social security number along with the social security number of the child. Besides this there can be requirement of other documents as well. They can also ask for the parents’ death certificate as well as the evidence of the disability of the parents from the doctor all as per the circumstances.

Social security administration has a tarter packet as well as fact sheet helps you to move in to the process of getting all the benefits for your child who is disabled. This information will guide you starting from the signing up to the benefits you get from the social security. It also has a set of frequently asked questions which can certainly help you to resolve your queries related to all the basic formalities need to be fulfilled before signing for the benefits.

These benefits can be taken in few cases like:

  • If you taking care of child and you are getting all benefits then in that case his benefits may stop at certain age
  • There is a possibility that if child is physically good these benefits can stop after the age of 16
  • They may only continue if child I disabled and you taking his care.
  • So if you get a little confused in these scenarios always contact the social security Administration who can help you the best in such circumstances.

How much benefit is actually prevailed to you!!

The child can get half of the parent’s disability or retirement benefit. In case the parents are deceased in that scenario the child will get up to 75% of the total social security benefit of the parents. But there will always be the limit to total amount that a family is entitled for. The maximum payment a family gets (inclusive of all the members of the family) is 150% to 180% of the total parent’s full benefit from the social security. If by chance the amount crossed the maximum amount to be paid to the whole family, then each person of the family pay would be reduced simultaneously.

For example, there is a case where an elderly parent, Bob has a child who is dependent on him. Let us suppose Bob’s full retirement amount is $2000 and his family maximum is $3000. Bob is going to get his full $2000 per month, and his wife, Blossom, and their dependent kid, Akash, would split the remaining $1000 payment ($2000 to $3000). Then each would get $500.

This example explains the entire concept related to the maximum payment one gets in case of social security.

Last but not the Least Social Security in bottom line:

The social security gives away the benefit to the youngest bunch of the family a financial support in case of any death or physical disability of elderly parents of the family. This is the best government tool one should surely avail in case of such mishaps and help one to enjoy a bit in the ray of hope.

The concept of how to get a social security car changed for a child.

Below are the points to be taken care of to get a replacement of the social security card of a child.

1. Assemble off the documents which clarifies:

  • Identity of child.
  • US citizenship.
  • If not then get that done from the US government authorities.
  • Immigration certificate and documents if the child is not a citizen of US.

2. Collect all documents which clearly proves the following.

  • Your identity.
  • Your relationship with the child.
  • If he is not your own then in that case you must carry the custody paper with you.

3. Complete the application form shared by the social security administration.

4. When you have all the valid documents along with the application form share it with the local security office either on the mail or via handing them over on your own or by posting at their address.

All the documents should original. If not then there are chances that you application will be considered as invalid. Any notarized or photocopy of document will not be accepted by the group of the social security administration.

After all the information and document sharing is done, acceptance of documents is second step. Once your application is accepted the Social security will share your card within 10 business days. The replacement card would contain the same number as the previous card.

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