Although an individual’s social security card should be kept private and closely guarded to the possibility to avoid identity theft. Some organizations may need to locate a past employee or conduct background checks. Business establishments and institutions, individuals, private companies, private investigators, banks, apartment complexes, local state and federal governments need this information every single day. Companies and other institutions have collected or obtained a large amount of social security number in a short period of time and sold it to other databases to earn some money. The Social Security Administration sometimes allow searches to determine eligibility benefits

For wage reporting purposes, the Social Security offers some options to verify the social security number. One can use the social security number verification service, this website has a free online service. It allows registered users to verify that the names of the social security card holders and the number of the social security hired employees match the social security administration’s record.

Another website you can use is the consent-based social security number verification service, this service is based on fee when the social security number is available to enrol private companies, state and local government agencies that can provide instant automated verification and it can handle a large volume of requests.

The best way to look for this social security card and numbers holder is through the use of the internet connection or online.

Step 1. You have to remind yourself that the Social Security Administration does not provide any information regarding the Social Security number. The results of your search will be a matter of public record, the information will not be provided by the Social Security Administration.

Step 2. You have to confirm whether the social security number you want to search is a valid one. Do this free at the website of the Social Security Administration. You still have to supply your name, date of birth, postal address, phone number, email address and the social security number.

Step 3. You have to look and hire a private investigator or use a web developed research service. A website of The United States Association of Professional Investigators can help you locate an investigator near you. Links are also supplied which recommends databases that will help your research on the address of people according to their social security number.

Step 4. Be prepared for some online Social Security number searches asks for some fees and the fees vary. Some online social security services have money-back guarantees if the search will yield results. The results shown may not be the social security number you have been looking for, but if the results show you a page that is blank that contains no information, the online security number search will not charge you for the service. To search from the Social Security database, you need to have a valid credit card to our use.

Looking up for a person through their social security number can make you know a lot about them, hence social security card holders should be extra careful in handling their cards.