Since the social security system is an important factor of our daily leaving, one must apply for a social security number. Now, the question is how to qualify the security system. Social Security System is one of the largest income maintenance programs of the United States. It has come to define that the program will provide monthly benefits from their monthly income, this is to replace, to add the loss of the money earned due to the fact that the time has come the person has to quit his or her job, or the person has some restricted capabilities to perform some certain activities or death. To become somebody who receives a benefit from the entitled Social Security beneficiary. The applicants finance their Social Security benefits with their monthly payroll tax that is imposed by the United States government to collect taxes. Some are self-employed and some are employees of certain companies. There is a compulsory coverage of how the person is just self-employed with an income at least one thousand a month, and not over 60 years old. These people are included but are not generally into all of the self-employed persons.

Those who are partners, single proprietors of businesses and board directors of corporations duly registered with appropriate government agencies;

actors, actresses, directors, scriptwriters and news correspondents who do not fall within the definition of the term “employee;”

professional athletes, coaches, trainers, and jockeys;

farmers and fisherfolks; and

workers in the informal sector such as market and ambulant vendors, public utility transport drivers, tourism industry-related workers, and others similarly situated.

Are considered as self-employed.

Moreover, people who are not employed can also qualify to a Social Security System. To qualify for the Social Security system, a person must be insured for benefits. Most types of the social security benefits require fully insured status, this is obtained by acquiring a certain amount of credits or quarter coverage from the earnings the person gets from the company he or she is working with. The person who applies for a social security benefits must be a citizen of the United States regardless where they reside, a citizen of another country other than the one she is currently in who is outside of the United States for 6 months can qualify for a social security system unless she or he meets one of the several exceptions written in the law. Moreover, even if they have qualified under the exceptions of the law, the people who are not a citizen of the United States who has the first eligibility after 1984 benefits as family members or survivors who have resided in the United States for 5 years.

To sum up, one can easily apply for a Social Security Card, one must have to comply and pile all the requirements needed. But he or she must make sure what are the documents and requirements to bring. Your birth certificate, identification number, your age and your citizenship must be presented at the Social Security administration.