If you’re opting for window shelves, chances are you either have a fairly small space to work with, or you need to use the shelving for things that need to be close to the light the window provides. In these situations, it simply makes sense to add shelves to the window area in one manner or another, so that you can utilize the space that would otherwise be left empty.

There are several useful types of window shelves to consider installing, including the following:

Glass Window Shelves

These shelves are perfect for adding to windows and displaying your collection of rocks, crystals, or other small collectibles. A window typically won’t support the weight that a bookshelf will, but it’s perfect for showcasing a collection of items that needs to be well lit to be seen at its best. The light from the window works well to showcase your favorite items.

Pet Shelves for Windows

Cats love nothing more than resting in sunbeams, and a window is the perfect spot for this. However, if the window sill isn’t big enough for this, they’ll drive their owner to distraction trying frantically to get into said window. Luckily, there are cat seats and shelving that can be installed in windows, so that your feline friend can rest comfortably in the window, curled up comfortably, just like they want to. These shelves install in just a few minutes, so that your pet can rest comfortably in their favorite spot.

Floating Window Plant Shelves

In small living spaces, it can be difficult to find enough room for your plants, especially if the window sill itself isn’t deep enough. Floating window shelves, however, allow you to attach glass shelving directly to the window pane, so that you can provide you with the space you need for your houseplants. The plants can get the sunlight that they need, and you can enjoy the fresh air and ambiance that they provide to your living space. If you need greenery in your living area but haven’t yet been able to find a physical location for it, the window may be just where it belongs. These shelves are easy to install, and they ensure that your plants get the sunlight that they need to be healthy.


When you live in a small area, it can be difficult to be creative about decorative items. Adding shelving to your windows allows you to branch out a little bit, so that you can display items, keep your pets happy and satisfied, and make sure that your houseplants have enough sunlight to grow and thrive. If you have multiple windows in your home, you can add quite a bit of shelving space to the perimeter of your home, without losing much light, and while keeping everything nicely organized.

This may not be a shelving option that you’ve considered, so consider branching out into window shelving. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how nice your home can look with these unique floating shelves, and by how easy they are to install. For detail information click here https://deskview.co/blogs/products/window-shelf