Cyber-crimes have become quite common and most people have become victims of identity theft. Well, before you’re the next person on the chopping block, here are some useful tips to help you prevent identity theft.

Tips to Help to Prevent Identity Theft:

• Beware Of Shoulder Surfers �” If you’re entering your pin number or credit card number in the ATM machine, in a computer or any other device, you should beware of people watching over your shoulder. Additionally, you should consider using a fingerprint scanner for your identification needs or facial recognition systems to avoid any identity theft.

• Photo ID Verification �” Rather than using your signature, you can always refer to photo ID verification. For instance, if you have lost card or any other credit card, make sure there’s an imposition for seeing photo IDs. That’s because most people don’t verify signatures rather photo IDs come in handy. Also read: Lost social security benefits card

• Shred Important Documents After Using Them �” Most people might acquire your information through dumpster-diving. Therefore, if you’re constantly throwing out credit card statements, old bills, ATM receipts or old credit cards, you’re likely going to be a victim of identity theft. Well, you can get rid of these documents properly through shredding. Make sure everything that you throw away doesn’t show your address or financial information

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• Get Rid Of Digital Data �” Are you selling, disposing or trading a computer system such as a hard drive, DVD, CD or anything else digital? Well, you need to destroy your digital imprints. Of course, you can always reformat the hard drive or delete the data but that’s not enough. Keep in mind that anyone with some tech savvy skills can always recover the information from these digital devices.

Why You Should Check Bank Statements?

• Check Statements Properly �” Most people simply ignore their bank statements or avoid looking at them. Well, you need to start being diligent about checking your financial statements. That way, you can always check if there’s something wrong or fishy appearing on your financial statements. On the other hand, don’t leave your unpaid bills in the mailbox but you should pay them online or visit the post office personally to make sure they are completely paid. Otherwise someone can easily raid your mailbox and get all your information then steal your identity without any issues.

• Encrypt Your Messages �” Are you always sending financial or personal information online? Well, you need to consider end to end encryption for the best results. That way, no one can access the information without your passwords or authentication.