Social Security number is an essential part of your daily activities since it is often required with you transact. Any business entities or institutions can ask for your Social Security number but that does not mean you are legally required to give it to the ones who asked for it. There is a statement that says there is no law that is preventing a business entity from recognizing distinctions and valuing quality against the social security number holder or not doing business with the social security number holder if the card holder does not provide the information that has been asked. There are numerous situations that the Social Security numbers are asked and should be used. Here are some of the situations when the Social Security numbers are asked and required:

For most financial transactions, the social security numbers are asked and required. To identify whether you are financially able to purchase the goods.

The social security number is asked and is required when the person gets a new job. Employers ask for the new employee’s social security number for their employment records. This is to identify that the new employee is an eligible citizen of the United States of America. The potential employer wants to do a background check on you and it is easier for your employer when he or she has your social security card.

The Interna Revenue of the state asks for a person’s social security number, may it be federal or state. This is to monitor the person’s working hours for his or her future benefits.

In applying for a bank or credit card, the monetary institutions will ask for a social security number to check your credit history. There are some other banks who accepts another form of identification information than requiring a social security number.

The social security number is used for medicare applicants or to apply for medicare benefits. This is to identify your eligibility, moreover with this transaction, one can reduce the cost of his overall medical treatment and tests.

Social security number is a key holder of your identification and eligibility as a citizen of the United States thus, one cannot apply for a fishing, hunting, and other recreational activities if you are not a social security card holder.

Due to the fact that the Social Security number is a needed for life detail, some states do not require to put it on your license, vehicle registration forms or other forms of identification. The social security number has become a form of identification, that you will need to use for many other possible transactions that require or asks for a social security number.

Even the police officers and police departments might ask your social security number to prove a positive identification. Some victims are the ones who have the same name with other criminals.

Along with the importance of a person’s social security number, one must be careful in giving it out. Before you give it out to the one who asked for it, ask if you can provide some other form of identification. The investor might be willing to accept that form of identification.