What Department Issues Social Security Cards

Everyone in the United States of America needs a Social Security Card. They need a Social Security Card for the different reasons. It not only helps in the taxes, it also works as the identification of the individual in the Unites States. It helps the people to claim their rights as well.

Each Social Security Card has a unique nine-digit number that helps the concerned authorities to get the details of that individual. The number will be different and it is important to keep these numbers secret for the security reasons.

where can I get a social security card

Besides the legal and other requirements, Social Security Card also helps the card holder to get all the benefits from the SSA (Social Security Administration). Hence, it is important to collect your card and to keep it in a secure place to get all the benefits.

Why do you need a Social Security Card?

As explained earlier, the Social Security Card can help you in many ways. You will need this card for applying for any job, to get any license, to get admission in any educational institutions, and for applying for the insurances. These are a few examples. You will need your Social Security Card to claim your identity and to claim your rights.

Which department issues Social Security Cards?

To get the Social Security Card, you need to visit SSA website and will have to download the SS-5 form. Then you need to fill the form following the instructions provided. After filling the form, you will have to visit the nearest Social security officer of your city for the submission of the form.

If you do not have any idea about the office and other details of the social security offer, then you can collect the information from the SSA site.

You will require your citizenship proof and identity proof while submitting the form. For the citizenship, you might show your passport, birth certificate, or certificates of citizenship or Naturalization. For the identification, you can show your driving license, passport, and the ID card issued by your state.

In the absence of all the above identification proof, the SSA might consider the military ID, school ID, and any card issued by your insurance service. Make sure that all these cards have your name, date of birth, photographs, and your age. Besides, all these cards need to be valid.

After submitting the form, you will get your Social Security Card. You will have to wait a couple of weeks to get your card. Always remember that you can replace your Social Security Card ten times in your lifetime and three times in a year.

How long will it take to get your Social Security Card?

It might take two to three weeks. If you visit the local security officer and request him to forward your case, then it might take five to ten minutes to process your application. You will get your cards within two weeks.

If you have some urgency and you need your social security card the same day then you can request the officer for a printout with your number. You will get your Social Security Card number on their letterhead and this card will be accepted by the authorities.