Losing one’s social security card is among the most common nightmare scenarios people think about. After all, it is one of the most important documents a person can have. It contains sensitive data, the loss of which can have serious and far-reaching consequences for the owner.

This is why everyone should know the standard procedure when it comes to circumstances such as this. Unfortunately, most people still do not know exactly how they are supposed to react in such situations. This article seeks to remedy that by giving readers a basic guide on what to do in case of social security card loss.

The Importance of Your Social Security Card

Just to give readers a bit of context, your social security card bears your social security card number. This is used to keep track of your earnings and employment history. All US citizens have one as well as immigrants working in the states.

What to do in Case of Loss

With such vital information on the line, it is vital that you act quickly once you have determined that you have lost your card. You need to take care of two important tasks: reporting the loss and getting a replacement card. These two things must be done quickly as time is of the essence here.

You need to report the loss of your card in order to protect the integrity of your social security number. You need to tell the local social security office as well as the police exactly what happened. This way, they can monitor any suspicious activity surrounding your account. The sooner you tell the authorities, the easier it will be.

After that, you just need to swing by the local social security office with your documents in tow. These will be used to confirm your identity. Make sure that they are originals and not mere photocopies.

These are the things you need to in case you lose your card. Make sure to do them as soon as you can.